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This wiki is mostly about my everyday work. I work on IBM hardware mainly (only …). My work consist of running a bunch of server (now all virtualized with Xen) under Debian GNU/Linux. This choice was made because Debian provide all we need, is really stable and doesn't stand in our way (we always feel we have the control of our system).

Feel free to send me a mail (french or english), user : tchetch, domain : …

I just realized that I discovered Linux 10 years ago with Corel Linux.

Server and network


I bought a netbook last week. I'm now discovering this brand new world with Moblin. I must say that the system is really great, but not bugfree. So here are the workarround I found :





Loi, Internet et Open Source en Suisse


Suite à l'adoption de la loi HADOPI en France voisine, j'ai commencé à m'interroger sur les lois touchant aux technologies numériques en Suisse.

Open Source

Useful Tools


  • Password Card generator, well I needed a password card with special characters and all, so here it is. You can generate your own.


About Me


Others stuff

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